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Carles Ruiz Stylists, was born as a company in 1.987, and Massamagrell (Valencia) your hometown. There, in a room of his parents' home, I set up her first hair salon, and began his journey in the world of styling ... his great passion.

Shortly after, since the business started to work, he moved his small hairdresser to a bigger one, a commercial basement located in the C / Sant Frances n.8 of Massamagrell.
Little by little he was gaining the trust of his clients, until he became a recognized stylist among the peoples around him. Brides, falleras, clavariesas, as well as technical works, they began to sign his name, CARLES RUIZ STYLISTS.

Since then he has not stopped working, until the 20 September 2.003 from a great leap, and from Massamagrell he goes to Valencia, a la C/ Botanic n.27, where in said hairdresser in the Quart neighborhood he began to know the fallero world of cap and casal, and little by little it became known among the Fallas and Valencian women. Many falleras, girlfriends, like ordinary customers, pass through the hands of Carles Ruiz, girls and ladies of the courts of honor of the Falleras Mayores de Valencia, as Falleras Mayores e Infantiles de Valencia. In December of 2.007 from C / Botanic it passes to the street next to C / Borrull n.10, to strengthen your business and give your clients higher quality.

Today, Carles Ruiz Stylists, count on your what to do, with a resume full of professional success, since his name is well recognized not only in the city of Valencia, but in many towns of the Valencian community, since his hands have also made hairstyles to Falleras Mayores de Sagunto, Sedaví, Gandia, Denia, Catarrh, Massamagrell, etc. Today, for your effort and effort, Carles Ruiz settles in the heart of Valencia, in the emblematic and charming Pasaje Ripalda nº 14 (BACK SPACE).

Television programs such as Gente y España direct from TVE, from local to international televisions, Newspapers and Radio programs have trusted his work. Keep creating, as it also continues to perform Galas by certain commercial houses, since as Carles says ... If I were to be born again ... I would be a Hairdresser again.

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