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Hello everyone!

We launch our blog with an entry that makes us very excited, since it is for the reason of our 8th anniversary that we fulfilled the past 29 of May

Birthday is always a joy because it means that you continue to live, that you continue to grow and above all enjoy life.

Thanks to everyone who congratulated us that day!

Below you can read a few words that our team wanted to dedicate:


Raul Garrido:

"Have passed 8 years since we opened the doors of our store, an exciting and innovative project in our sector. A project that from the first moment had the support of all the collaborators who wanted to be present, and that without them, it wouldn't have made sense. In these years we have seen a multitude of FFMM and falleros, who have wanted to trust us and that thanks to them we have grown as professionals and people. I don't want to forget about my co-workers, which know at all times how to advise the FFMM, since they went through the same thing in their day. In these years we have preserved the essence of the first day, but adapting to the new needs and challenges that have arisen. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL."


Martha Lopez:

“Espai Ripalda for me is more than my workplace, It is a place where I enjoy what I am passionate about every day., my party and my tradition; and with whom I share many hours with my colleagues who are my family after so many years together.

Congratulations to Espai Ripalda for bringing new and original ideas to the fallacious world, for continuing to fight year after year and getting bigger regardless of adversity. Everything is possible thanks to the team that we form in store but also thanks to our collaborators who are at the foot of the canyon working throughout the year so that we have everything on time and no detail is missing from the fallero.
And as, congratulate and thank all our clients who are the ones who make it possible for us to do this path, together, because they are the engine and the essence ER. For you we continue and for you we grow so I can only say THANK YOU!”

Elena Benet:

“I still remember the opening day, and 29 of May, full of enthusiasm and nerves, a piano accompanied an evening in which a multitude of people from the Fallas world gathered to welcome a unique space, new, modern and traditional at the same time, a place to live our beloved Fallas from another perspective, but with great desire to be a reference of our party.

Eight years later we are, led by Raul, We continue to grow and incorporate articles that become a link for falleros who like to experience the Fallas all year round., have unique details and be the image of our party wherever we go.

from these lines, I want to congratulate Espai Ripalda and all of us who in one way or another are part of this space, but especially thanks to you, our clients, some already become friends and even family.

Thank you for always being, see you on the next anniversaries, I'm sure there will be many."

Here below we leave you the photos that we took during the weekend while we celebrated our anniversary with some of our clients who are part of the ER family.


















See you in the next posts!


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