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In this post we are going to get to know our stylist Carles Ruiz in a little more detail., highly recognized in the world of Fallas for his great career as one of the most popular and beloved Valencian hairdressers; and now we do a short interview with him and we ask him about his profession, so that you can know relevant details of why Carles Ruiz is, but he also tells us some little things about his intimacy and personality. So, go for it:


Carles, this is a typical question. How many years have you been a hairdresser??

34 years.

And from the beginning you have been specialized in fallera hairstyle?

No, I started out as a conventional hairdresser but due to my passion for fallas I went into and studied about our Valencian hairstyle; since it is not only knowing how to comb or comb well, we have to know our tradition and culture.

You are known as the hairdresser of FMV, how many have you combed between adults and children?

12 girls, between adults and children. I could name them all for you since I have experiences that I will never forget.

In what years were your first FMV and FMIV?

In the 2005 to IVF and in 2012 to my first FMV.

What is your schedule in the fallera week?

We usually start at 4 from dawn until 9/10 of the night.

And speaking of dreams, what has been your job?

Combing the Fallera Mayor of Valencia

you have fulfilled it, and repeatedly. But… now, what other dreams do you have?

keep enjoying my work. Combing is what I love.

Let's talk more about you, about Carles without scissors or combs.

We all know that you are very "Valencian" that you love fallas and that for you they are more than a hobby or a passion, but above all you love your family and friends, and they are above all things. But… How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Easy, alegre, respectful, humane and honest, I think I'm very honest.

We know you are in love and happily married, Was your wedding day one of the happiest of your life?? how do you remember her?

Yes, without hesitation. I remember it as the happiest day of my life, I was surrounded by the people I love and love me and that is called HAPPINESS.

If you got married again, would you do the same or would you change something??

I had the wedding of my dreams, but you can always keep, add or subtract.

What does Espai Ripalda mean to you??

It was a before and after in my professional life.. And from 2014 Espai Ripalda has become my second family.

And the colleagues with whom you share day to day?

We share very beautiful moments and not so many that life holds for you.
Friends, confessors and support in those moments when work presses.

Could you tell us a little secret that few people know??

No, the secrets, secrets are.

After several attempts to tell us something we have not succeeded and the interview has already come to an end, but before finishing, Would you like to say something or dedicate a few words to someone??

That I feel like a lucky person because I work in what I like the most and lucky for all the love and respect that people show me. ¡GRACIAS!


Thank you very much Carles for being so kind and sharing a piece of yourself with us.




  • 17 June, 2022

    Carles ruiz

    A place… BACK SPACE… Thank you for everything and for so much


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