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Fallera figure “Night of Fire ”


Ceramic figure designed to keep the ashes of the falla inside the fallera figure.




Designed to hold the ashes of your fault. The greater fallera will be able to keep the ashes of its falla inside the fallera figure.

With the simplicity and essence of our figure, reaching the ornamental complexity of fallas clothing, this figure with simple shapes and a smiling face, shows one of the wonders of Valencian wealth; the beautiful image of our falleras.

Handmade figure. Created and made by hand and that responds to an open series, with a height of approximately 190 mm.

They have the same design with different decorations. Minus the matte white, all other jewels have their own language when it comes to decoration. The artisanal process in its elaboration, makes none of them equal to another. That each jewel is unique.

Available in pink and light blue.

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